Earlier in March, 2022, Yamaha Europe held its Switch On event, where it introduced a host of new and upcoming electric mobility options for the new year. E-bikes, two two-wheeled concepts, and a near-production NEO’s electric scooter all took the stage alongside Yamaha Motor Europe representatives. In addition, Yamaha Motor Europe introduced a light, effervescent aqua color as part of its EV branding going forward. The reasoning couldn’t be simpler: Yamaha Blue + environmentally-friendly green = aqua.  

As we said, the electric Yamaha NEO’s scooter appeared to be very near-production in that presentation. Sure enough, on March 10, 2022, Yamaha officially launched the NEO’s electric scooter as a 2022 model. While the name NEO’s was previously used on a popular Yamaha combustion scooter, this represents the first electric scooter to bear that model name. 

It’s powered by a hub-mounted direct drive 2.5 kW electric motor, which Yamaha refers to as its Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU). This is the latest iteration in electric motors that Yamaha has been using to power other electric scooters along the way, and the NEO’s electric is the first electric scooter that Yamaha is releasing in Europe. Additionally, Yamaha lists peak torque of 136.0 newton-meters (or 100 pound-feet) for the new NEO’s. 

2022 Yamaha NEO's - White - Hub-Mounted Motor Rear Angle Closeup
2022 Yamaha NEO's - Battery Pack

The 2022 Yamaha NEO’s comes equipped with a single 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery pack, which is located under the seat. It weighs just 8 kilograms, or a little over 17.6 pounds—and that’s good to know, since the battery can be charged on or off the scoot. Additionally, Yamaha advises that NEO’s riders can install an optional second battery pack right next to the first one for extended range.  

While pricing for the NEO’s will of course vary by market within Europe and the U.K., at the time of writing, there is no price listed for a second battery pack on the Yamaha Motors U.K. website. It is also not currently included in the Yamaha U.K. configurator for this model, although that may change in the future. 

Yamaha developed its batteries in-house, and says that a single battery gives a range of approximately 37 kilometers—or just under 23 miles—when fully charged. Installation of a second battery (once it’s available) should extend the range to about 68 kilometers, or just over 42 miles. Each NEO’s comes with a portable battery charger that plugs right into a regular household electrical outlet, and will charge a single NEO’s battery in about eight hours. 

Gallery: 2022 Yamaha NEO's

The NEO’s comes with two ride modes: STD, which offers the higher power output of the two at 2.06kW at 40 km/h (approximately 24.8 mph), and ECO, which reduces power to 1.58kW at 30 km/h (approximately 18.64 mph). Thanks to its extremely quiet direct drive motor, Yamaha claims the NEO’s noise figure that it measured from seven meters (22.9 feet) away was just 55 decibels. Presumably, the horn is louder than that—but if you’re looking for a quiet motor, this could fit the bill. 

Since Yamaha opted to locate the NEO’s battery compartment under the seat, storage space is small. If you use a single battery, there’s more room than there will be if you use a dual battery pack setup. Should you opt to use two batteries, Yamaha says a rain suit or “other small items” can still fit. Accessories do include a rear rack and top box, so you can have additional storage space if you wish—or there’s always the backpack option. 

As you’d probably expect in 2022, the Yamaha NEO’s comes with smartphone connectivity via Yamaha’s new MyRide smartphone app. The LCD instrument panel keeps information clear and simple, including a turtle icon to indicate when the smart power management system is restricting the NEO’s power (for example, when your battery is low).  

There’s also a Smart Key keyless ignition, cast wheels, front disc and rear drum brakes, low rolling-resistance tires, and a spacious footboard area thanks to the location of the battery under the seat rather than under the feet. Seat height is an approachable 795mm, or 31.2 inches. Vehicle weight without battery is 90 kilograms, but since Yamaha says the battery weighs 8 kg on its own, that makes curb weight on the NEO’s approximately 98 kilograms, or a breezy 216 pounds. 

For 2022, the Yamaha NEO’s will be offered across Europe and the U.K. in your choice of Milky Pearl or Midnight Black colorways. Pricing and availability will vary by local market. The U.K. price starts at £3,005, or approximately $3,921.

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