Modular helmets are a godsend to anyone who commutes on their motorcycle on a daily basis. This is especially true if your route entails a combination of highway and city riding, where dense traffic can cause you to feel the heat in the most uncomfortable sense. Modular lids allow you to basically have two helmets in one—a full-face and open face, by simply either flipping the chin bar up, or removing it all together.

Roof, a French helmet manufacturer known for its modular lids, has recently launched a new helmet featuring a unique latching system for the chin bar. It’s called the Roadster, and it offers the comfort and versatility of a jet helmet, along with some the protection of a full-face helmet. Granted, the chin bar on the Roadster is far too thin and lightweight to offer the same level of protection as a full-face helmet. Nonetheless, it offers the rider with more options as to how they’d like their helmet to be configured.

French Helmet Maker Roof Releases New Roadster Helmet

The Roof Roadster is a modern-day interpretation of the company’s first helmet in 1993, a jet helmet with a removable mask that simply clipped on and off. Now, the Roadster uses a magnetic fastening system to secure the mask onto the helmet—no more clips or straps. This makes it really easy to remove and replace the mask in just a matter of seconds.

As for the helmet itself, Roof has incorporated a fiberglass shell along with a clear visor coated with an anti-fog and anti-scratch material. The latching mechanism for the mask is concealed in the sides of the helmet, keeping it looking clean when used as an open-face helmet. The Roadster incorporates what Roof is calling Silent Lining interior, an anti-bacterial inner lining which is adjustable at the cheeks and cap. For added comfort, the Roadster gets vents upfront, heat extractors at the back, as well as additional vents on the mask.

Roof is offering the Roadster in two color options— Matte Black and Iron. The Iron version comes with an additional visor either tinted black, iridium, or iridium blue, depending on your variant of choice. As for pricing, the Roadster starts at 299 Euros ($337.87 USD) for the Matte Black version, and 349 Euros ($394 USD) for the Iron version with an additional visor.

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