In September, 2019, French helmet maker Roof introduced its super-light carbon fiber helmet, the RO200 Carbon. That ECE-certified lid’s calling card was a weight of just 1090 grams, or 2.4 pounds. Of course, light weight lids don’t typically come cheap—and that one retailed at €699, or about $771.  

Fast-forward a year to September, 2020, and Roof wants to bring more happy customers under its protection with its all-new, more affordable RO200. At first glance, it looks very similar to the RO200 Carbon—and that’s because it is, except that the shell on the regular RO200 switches from carbon fiber to the less expensive (and slightly heavier) fiberglass. 

The RO200 is available in sizes XS to XXL, with two sizes of shell to cover that range of fitments. Like the RO200 Carbon, it is ECE certified. Weight increase over its Carbon counterpart depends on shell size. XS to M comes with a shell that weighs 1280 grams, or just over 2.82 pounds. This is where I have to tell you that there’s an “ML” size, which occupies the space between M and L—an “extra-medium,” if you prefer. The larger shell size spans ML to XXL, and weighs 1370 grams, or just over 3 pounds. 

Gallery: Roof RO200 Full-Face Helmet

Like the RO200 Carbon, the fiberglass RO200 has six air inlets and two extractors, is suitable for both glasses and Bluetooth communications units, and comes with such niceties as a chin curtain, neck roll, and anti-scratch, anti-fog Daynight (sic) Pinlock-ready visor. It’s available in two solid colors (matte black and pearly white), or three graphics (black and red, black and steel, or black and fluorescent orange). The cost ranges from €419 to €459, depending on which variant you get—that's about $497 to $544.  

Much like the RO200 Carbon, this helmet is neither certified nor distributed in the U.S., but is currently available from European retailers.  

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