If you’ve been waiting for a bold Superman graphic to grace a full-face motorcycle helmet, you’ll want to know what HJC just introduced. The helmet maker has been protecting your head with superhero graphics for some time now, with licensed superhero designs from both Marvel and DC. At long last, the Man of Steel joins those ranks. Which lid? The RPHA 11—worth noting because HJC’s most recent DC-emblazoned design, which featured eternal Batman nemesis the Joker, only came on the RPHA 11 Pro

Superman’s instantly recognizable S adorns this design, both in red and gold at the top of the lid, and in a smaller gold-on-red design echo on the very back of the lid, at the base of the helmet. It’s set against a blue backdrop that’s reminiscent of a more technical, armored Superman costume. If you buy one, it comes with a smoke shield and anti-fog insert included in the box.  

This helmet features HJC’s proprietary Premium Integrated Matrix (PIM) shell, which consists of six separate technical fabric layers all sandwiched together to provide light, strong protection for your head. The RPHA 11 scored three out of five stars for safety in the UK government’s Sharp helmet testing, doing well in front and rear impacts but scoring more poorly in side impact protection. 

Gallery: HJC Superman RPHA 11 Helmet Graphic

The regular RPHA 11 carries ECE certification, and this graphic is available in sizes XS to 2XL. It comes with a five-year warranty, and the MSRP for this graphic is €599.90 (approximately $710). Supes himself may not need a helmet because he’s a superhero, but for the rest of us, it’s good to know we can channel just a little of his essence in our protective gear choices while we’re out riding. With such a wide range of sizes, unless your head is made out of Kryptonite, you can probably find one that fits. 

Source: HJC Europe 

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