Like ultra-protective feathers.

When you think about super lightweight yet super strong shell materials for your motorcycle helmet, what comes to mind? Carbon fiber and carbon composites, most likely. French helmet manufacturer Roof is about to introduce its brand-new, ultralight, full-face helmet on September 20, 2019—and the weight of this new lid is pretty impressive.

According to Roof, the RO200 Carbon weighs just 1090 grams. That’s 2.4 pounds. Roof helmets aren’t currently distributed or certified in North America, but they’re available from retailers all over Europe. 

Gallery: Roof RO200 Carbon Helmet

Back in February 2019, European moto gear shop Motocard did a helpful roundup of their current lightest helmets in the world. Perhaps unsurprisingly, all eight helmets on their list were carbon fiber. X-Lite helmets took pride of place both as the heaviest and lightest helmets on this list, with the X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon coming in at the lightest weight, as it weighs just 1249 grams. That’s 2.75 pounds—significantly heavier than this new Roof model. 

The RO200 Carbon will come in two shell sizes. The 1090g one covers sizes XS to M, while the slightly heavier 1150g shell (that’s just over 2.5 pounds) covers sizes ML to XXL. Although the larger shell size is slightly heavier, it’s still lighter than most other carbon fiber helmets currently on the market. 

As of this moment, there is no information listed on what head shape this helmet is designed to fit, but it comes with many of the things you’d expect in a full-face helmet in this range. Pinlock shield, removable and adjustable lining that the company says is fully compatible both with intercom systems and eyeglasses, six air intakes and two extractors, and the chin strap locks in place with a standard double-D ring. 

It will be available in three colors to start: Full Carbon Glossy, Carbon Panther Noir - Vert Fluo, and Carbon Speeder Red/Silver. MSRP will be 699 €, which works out to around US $771. 

As with any helmet, the only way to truly know if the Roof RO200 Carbon is for you is to try it on. Since they’re not currently sold in the US, it’s unlikely we’ll be doing that any time soon—but we look forward to seeing what motorcyclists across the pond think of this new ultra-lightweight lid as reviews start rolling in.

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