Royal Enfield’s Himalayan has developed a loyal fan base ever since its introduction. The nimble, hearty little ADV bike is a pretty solid choice for a lot of occasions, but still—no bike is ever completely perfect. Some fans wish it had just a little more power, for example. Others think it would be much closer to their ideal if Enfield would just stuff a 650 Twin engine into it.  

While it’s true that you can’t please everyone, perhaps Royal Enfield is about to move one step closer with the upcoming Scram 411. This long-awaited Himalayan variant will sport a more road-focused bias, as opposed to the distinctly dual-sport nature of the original Himalayan. Leaked official Enfield brochure details first brought to light by YouTuber Bullet Guru offer a glimpse into some additional details ahead of the new bike’s launch. 

First of all, the 411cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine is expected to remain exactly the same in the Scram, producing a claimed 24.3 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 23.6 pound-feet of torque between 4,000 and 4,500 rpm. It will remain mated to a five-speed gearbox, as well.  

Gallery: Royal Enfield Scram 411 Brochure

The Scram 411 is intended to be a more road-biased bike, though. As a result, it’s expected to get a 19-inch front wheel (down from a 21-inch unit on the current Himalayan). According to the brochure, it will also drop about 20 millimeters of ground clearance versus the Himalayan, going from 220 millimeters down to 200. As we’ve already seen in spy shots and footage that have leaked over recent months, it also gets a tidy little metal cowl around the headlamp, minus the windscreen commonly associated with the Himalayan. Those little shrouds around the front sides of the fuel tank are referred to as an “Urban Badge Plate with branding.”  

Additionally, the Scram 411 will get what Enfield is calling a “single scrambler seat,” which makes sense if your interpretation of the “Scram” part of “Scrambler” is primarily about styling, rather than the functionality typically associated with the idea of “scramblers” as a type of motorcycle. Case in point: While most scramblers tend to have high-mounted pipes, at least somewhat knobby tires, and more ground clearance than a typical road bike, the Scram 411 doesn’t opt for any of that. It’s about some scrambler-y styling elements on a more road-focused bike, and seems to be aimed squarely at competing with the Yezdi Scrambler

The gauge pods will feature an offset and larger speedometer with a smaller pod for Tripper Navigation, and it appears that a smaller windscreen will be sold as an available accessory for your Scram 411, should you wish it. Other features include disc brakes all around, dual-channel ABS, and an aluminum sump guard. Most Indian motorcycle media is expecting a wider range of dual-tone colorway options to be offered on the Scram 411 upon its launch, which is expected sometime in March, 2022.  

Naturally, Enfield plans to launch some Scram 411-branded merchandise, too. T-shirts and enamel keychains are on the list, as you can see in Bullet Guru’s video if you watch (link is in Hindi, but images feature English text).

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