Are you a motorcycle fan in Japan? If you are, 2022 is off to an excellent start, particularly if you enjoy going to motorcycle shows to see the latest and greatest bikes that OEMs have to show you. It’s February, 2022 right now, but not one, not two, but three major bike shows are currently scheduled to take place in Japan in the next couple of months. 

First up is the 38th annual Osaka Motorcycle Show, which lasts three days, spanning March 19 through 21, 2022. Much like plenty of other events in the last two years, the 2020 and 2021 Osaka Motorcycle Shows (which were the 36th and 37th editions, respectively) were unfortunately canceled due to the global pandemic. While there’s still a little time between now and the end of March, if all goes according to plan, the 2022 show should mark a triumphant return for moto enthusiasts in the area.  

The second big Japanese motorcycle show that’s back on the calendar for 2022 will be the 49th annual Tokyo Motorcycle show. From March 25 through 27, the show will welcome enthusiasts of all ages to come check out all the latest 2022 models. This show, too, was canceled for the past couple of years—but is looking forward to welcoming visitors back to the nation’s capital. 

While Osaka and Tokyo are marking a return to established shows, the Nagoya Motorcycle Show will celebrate its first-ever appearance in 2022. From April 8 through 10, it’s currently scheduled to take place at the Aichi Sky Expo center, gracing the Nagoya area with its presence for the first time ever.  

As you’d expect, the kinds of pandemic mitigations we’ve grown accustomed to will be in place for all three events. Presales of online tickets are already going on, with staggered entrances, social distancing, masks, copious amounts of hand sanitizer, and high levels of constant cleaning planned to keep guests and exhibitors safe.  

Same-day tickets may not be sold in some cases, so you’ll need to purchase tickets in advance via the recommended online methods for your chosen event. High school and younger children may have discounted or free admission, and early ticket prices may also be reduced for other attendees. We’ll include the links to all three show websites in our Sources, so you can find out more information and/or purchase tickets if you’re interested in attending. 

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