Ducatistas, get a load of this helmet. The Horizon line of lids from Ducati is modular and meant for riders who chase endless horizons on their motorbikes. For long-distance adventures or sport touring, this helmet is the perfect fit, and the second “V2” iteration of it only improves on what the first generation brought to the table.

2022 Ducati Apparel Collection
2022 Ducati Apparel Collection
2022 Ducati Apparel Collection

The first thing that Ducati shouted about in its launch announcement was its purpose. The Horizon V2 is a touring helmet, so it prioritizes comfort, practicality, and safety (of course, it’s a helmet). The second most stressed feature about this lid is the integrable intercom system that allows riders to connect with their mobile phone, and it can also pair with another intercom system via Bluetooth for bike-to-bike communication, or have a two-way line with your passenger. The system used is the N-Com B902X Intercom, which happens to be the same system that’s used by Nolan and X-lite helmets. Rightfully so, though, as the Horizon is based on the X-lite X-1005.

Its graphics come from the Drudi Performance design house, and it’s a part of Ducati’s new 2022 Apparel collection. Geometric lines and the color combinations thought up by Drudi give it a modern and gritty look, which is iconic and new at the same time, as Ducati puts it. Of course, you can get it in red, but there are other color combinations that you can purchase from either the online store or from the nearest Ducati dealership.

As for its construction, the helmet sports an Ultra Carbon shell mixed in with aramid glass fibers, making it strong but light in the process. The use of carbon doesn’t stop there as the helmet’s interior is also fitted with Carbon Fitting internal padding, and is complemented by thermoregulating active carbon filaments for excellent comfort. The Expanded polystyrene, or EPS, ensures shock absorption and kinetic energy dispersal for protection. The modular design means that it can be worn as either a jet helmet with its chin bar raised or as a full-face for maximum protection from the elements. All of those features retail on Ducati's shop for $749 USD. 

2022 Ducati Apparel Collection
2022 Ducati Apparel Collection
2022 Ducati Apparel Collection

On top of that, Ducati also has other products in its 2022 collection which include the Tour C4 and Atacama C2 jacket and trouser combo. These pieces are color and brand matched to your bike, plus they’re designed by Aldo Drudi and produced by Ducati with lightness, strength, durability, and usability in mind. You can check out all of these products on the Ducati online store, or you can head over to your nearest dealership to see if these items are in stock. 

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Horizon V2: the Ducati helmet for touring with an integrable intercom system
Horizon V2 is specifically designed for touring use, combining comfort, practicality and safety to make every motorcycle trip an unforgettable experience
The helmet is equipped with an integrable intercom system that allows connection with the mobile phone, rider-passenger intercom and bike-bike intercom via Bluetooth
The Horizon V2 is available in all dealerships in the Ducati network and on the Online Shop
Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 1 February 2022 - Horizon V2 is the touring helmet par excellence of the Ducati range, specifically developed by the Bologna-based manufacturer, combining comfort and practicality, style and safety, with the aim of making every trip an unforgettable experience.

Included in the 2022 Apparel collection, Ducati Horizon V2 has graphics designed by Drudi Performance exclusively for Ducati and is a modular helmet, which means that it offers the motorcyclist the possibility of transforming it from a full-face helmet to a jet helmet by lifting the chin guard. The outer shell is made of Ultra Carbon material combined with aramid and glass fibres, which give the helmet strength and lightness. The Carbon Fitting internal padding with thermoregulating active carbon filaments ensures an excellent level of comfort, while safety is guaranteed by the ability of the expanded polystyrene of the inner shell to absorb and disperse kinetic energy in the event of an impact.

The attention paid by Ducati to safety is combined with a modern and gritty look with an iconic and at the same time essential new graphic design, which enhances the colours and the Ducati logo with geometric lines and sophisticated colour combinations.
The Eyewear Adaptive system allows you to wear the Ultrawide goggles and visor which, with its large surface, offers excellent visibility to the rider. The included sun visor grants excellent protection from UV rays - up to 400 nm - essential for tackling longer journeys, and can be easily disassembled for maintenance and cleaning.

The Horizon V2 helmet is designed and approved for integration with the N-Com B 902X Intercom system to ensure maximum connectivity while experiencing the pleasure of adventure. This system allows you to manage the mobile phone and its answering, hanging up and last-number redialling functions via Bluetooth, with voice commands and automatic switching between intercom and phone. The intercom system is equipped with a Smart Conference function for group communications and for sharing music with both the passenger and another motorcycle when travelling in company.

In the Ducati Apparel collection there is an entire line dedicated to Touring made up of items that represent the ideal travel companions to make every ride memorable. Among these, the Tour C4 and Atacama C2 jacket and trouser outfits stand out: these are two total looks that combine features and design in a perfect mix of performance, style and safety. Both outfits are designed by Aldo Drudi and produced by Ducati following the criteria of lightness, strength and usability.

The Horizon V2 helmet and all the items that make up the Ducati Apparel collection are available at the dealer network of the Borgo Panigale company and on Shop.Ducati.com.

A video presentation of the Ducati 2022 Apparel collection can be seen on the Ducati YouTube channel. Further images of the products that make up the collection can be downloaded from Ducati Media House.

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