Times have been tough for everyone during the pandemic—including motorcycle companies. Yamaha’s Sport Heritage category carried over its 2020 liveries into the new model year and Suzuki did the same with many of its 2021 variants. To offset shutdowns earlier in the year, manufacturers are keeping all options on the table. Against the odds, Nolan helmets is introducing two new modular helmets for the new year with the Nolan N90-3 and the X-Lite X-1005.

The new N90-3 replaces the N90-2 as the Bergamo brand’s entry-level flip-up option. The wide field of view and retractable VPS sun visor prioritize visibility in all conditions and Nolan’s Air-Booster ventilation system keeps air flowing through the helmet. The N90-3 meets homologation for both full-face helmets and jet helmets with a double-action opening mechanism. The lid comes in 19 colorways (nine graphics and 10 solids) and readily accepts communication units.

Nolan N90-3 - Flip Up
Nolan N90-3 - Rear

On the opposite end of the price range, the X-1005 Ultra Carbon offers premium protection from the company’s X-Lite arm. The top-of-the-line helmet comes with the same wide viewport, VPS sunscreen, double-action opening system, and P&J homologation found on the N90-3, but the carbon construction and three outer shells separate the X-1005 from the pack.

The Carbon Fitting Racing Experience padding optimizes comfort and the patent-pending Liner Positioning Control system allows users to adjust the liner to fit different head shapes. X-Lite offers 11 graphics and 2 solid variants and the X-1005 comes with provisions for communication systems.

X-Lite X-1005 - Front
X-Lite X-1005 - Rear
X-Lite X-1005 - Flip Up

The Nolan N90-3 retails for €349 ($415 USD) and the X-Lite X-1005 rings up for €599 ($713 USD). While the Nolan Group’s Brembate di Sopra factory had to cease operations during the initial COVID-19 wave, the plants still produce 350,000 units a year. With two new modular helmets in the lineup, we’re hoping the Italian brand continues forging forward during the ongoing pandemic.

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