If you’re in the market for a new full-face helmet option that won’t break the bank, Swiss gear maker IXS has a new option you may want to look into. It’s simple and straightforward, with graphics that should do a good job of getting you seen by other road users. Let’s take a look under the visor, shall we? 

Since it’s an all-rounder type of helmet, and is not geared toward high-performance track use, it also isn’t made of any super-sexy carbon fiber. The shell is polycarbonate, and uses two shell sizes to span helmet sizes XS to 2XL. If you’re guessing this means it’s a budget lid, you’d be right—but everyday rides need everyday helmets, don’t they? 

IXS spends a lot of time talking about the various comfort features of this helmet, because it’s geared toward all-day riding comfort more than anything else. As you’d expect in 2020, the liner and cheek pads are breathable, removable, and washable. It comes with plenty of ventilation to keep your head cool, as well as a clear and scratch-resistant quick-change visor that’s Pinlock-ready. There’s also a drop-down sun shield and a breath deflector located inside the helmet. The chin strap uses a micro-closure clasp to close, which you may or may not prefer over a standard D-ring type.  

IXS 1100 2.2 Matt Black and Green
IXS 1100 2.2 Matt Black and Grey

While IXS does say this helmet is ECE 22.05 certified, it doesn’t spend any time at all telling you about the EPS foam liner found underneath the shell. That’s an interesting choice, because most helmet makers typically want to tell you all about the various safety measures, they’re taking to make sure their lids stand out from the pack. By contrast, all IXS offers either in its press release or on its website is the extremely unhelpful line, “very good shock absorbing properties in all areas of the helmet provide optimal accident protection.”  

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It comes in your choice of six color options: matt black and white, matt black and red, matt black and blue, matt black and orange, matt black and green, or matt black and grey. MSRP is $119, and you can order your choice directly from IXS online if you like. Shipping within Germany is free over $59, and shipping costs vary internationally. 

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