Swiss motorcycle gear maker IXS wants to protect you from head to toe—especially if you’re touring. Just like a good touring jacket adjusts to fit more than one season, the new Tour Glove Double-ST 1.0 has two inner chambers so they can keep you protected across multiple types of weather. 

IXS labeled the two chambers “Grip” and “Wet Protection,” which gives you a general overview of the purpose of each. The Grip chamber has zero lining, but is super grippy thanks to its goatskin construction, which also gives you great tactile feel through your controls. Swap over to the Wet Protection chamber, and the waterproof, breathable solto-TEX PLUS membrane is engaged to help keep your hands warm and dry on your journey. 

Look closely at the palm side of these gloves, and you’ll see that there are two color-coded cuffs to help you quickly slip your hand into whichever chamber you want. The outer cuff is a sunny, light yellow, and it’s perfect for those days when you need a glove that’s grippy and offers plenty of ventilation to keep you cool. Meanwhile, the inner cuff is blue—a color often associated with rain and cold, because it protects you from both those things. Simple visual cues like this make it a no-brainer to put your hand into whichever chamber you need at the moment. 

IXS Tour Glove Double-ST 1.0 Palm

These gloves also feature soft knuckle protectors, various stretch inserts to ensure comfortable fit around your hands, a rubber helmet visor wipe on the left index finger, and touchscreen-friendly material on the tip of the right index finger. This glove only comes in black, and is available in sizes XS to 3XL at an MSRP of $179. The simple, straightforward design is functional without being loud or showy, and could be a glove you’d consider if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of digging a second pair of gloves out of your luggage when the weather changes. 

Source: IXS 

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