On February 2, 2022, Pramac Racing unveiled its new 2022 MotoGP livery, complete with returning riders Johann Zarco and 2021 Rookie of the Year Jorge Martin on hand. Ducati considers Pramac Racing its second factory team, so it gets the same bikes and attention as the main team—and its riders are prepared to fight just as hard for podium positions at the front of the pack. 

Jorge Martin was absolutely on fire in 2021, finishing his first year with one win, two second-place finishes, and two third-place finishes. As well, he had four pole positions—all factors that showed his performance was no fluke. Meanwhile, Johann Zarco was certainly no slouch, either—racking up four second-place finishes and finishing fifth place in the 2021 championship. All in all, Pramac Racing feels poised to bring the fight in 2022. 

They’ll need their brand-new bikes to do it, though—and the new liveries walk a distinctive line. Pramac Racing is an independent team with factory Ducati support, and its bikes absolutely reflect this fact. While there’s plenty of Ducati red to be found, bold swathes of bright blue and white certainly make French rider Johann Zarco feel at home. They also instantly make it easy to visually pick the Pramac Racing liveries out among other bikes on the field—Ducatis or otherwise. 

Gallery: Pramac Racing 2022 MotoGP Livery

“I am really happy to be racing another season with Pramac Racing. Continuity is important to improve and to carry out ambitious projects. We have built an excellent relationship with the team and I am very satisfied with what we have done last season. I can't wait to leave for tests and get on the bike. It will be a great season,” Johann Zarco said in a statement. 

“Last season was the most intense of my life, a succession of very strong emotions, moments of great difficulty but also of extreme happiness. Together with Pramac Racing we have started to build something special. Last year we laid the foundations, this year we are ready for great things,” added Jorge Martin. 

Pramac Racing gained a new team manager for 2022 in Claudio Calabresi, who has some big shoes to fill. In addition to racking up a Rookie of the Year award in 2021 with Jorge Martin, Pramac also scored Best Independent Team and Best Independent Rider accolades. What will the future hold in 2022? There’s no telling just yet, but that’s what the next 12 months are for.

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