Sure, you could definitely say that riding motorcycles is a leisurely activity akin to a walk in the park. While this may be true for some disciplines of riding, it certainly isn’t true for others. It goes without saying that hopping aboard a heavyweight machine and muscling it around town, on the track, or even off-road takes a lot of skill, technique, and brute force. This means that folks with a stronger build undoubtedly have an advantage.

The same goes for long-distance riding, or even simply spending several hours on the saddle running errands around town. Being fit and healthy just gives you more energy to keep doing what you love most, and that’s riding motorcycles. That said, with 2022 now here, it may be the perfect time to get started on your fitness goals. If hitting the gym seems boring and meaningless to you, then maybe spicing up your workout routine and orienting it towards motorcycling could give you that much-needed motivational boost.

This is where Erzi, a German company specializing in general retail and exercise equipment, comes into the picture. The company recently released a new contraption that’s designed to activate the key muscle groups that see the most use when hitting the road, track, or trails on two wheels. It’s called the Core Bike, and it’s basically a push-up bar on wheels. It puts your upper body in the same position as if you were on a motorcycle, while the wheels allow it to move freely, thereby engaging your core, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps in the process.

Of course, if you’re a cut above the rest in terms of fitness, you can go ahead and throw some push-ups to the mix, and even do several variations such as twists, side-to-side movements, and planks. Surely, spending half an hour or so with this thing will work up quite a sweat, and will have you feeling the burn in a jiffy. Erzi’s Core Bike is made entirely out of wood, and comes assembled upon delivery. It retails for 99.95 Euros, or the equivalent of $113 USD, with international shipping options available on Erzi’s website linked below.

Get Started On Your 2022 Fitness Goals With The Erzi Core Bike
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