Electric motorcycles are all kinds of interesting, and as such, a relatively well-specced electro-cycle will probably punch a large gaping hole in your wallet. Established brands are kind of unforgiving in the pricing department like the case of the Harley-Davidson LiveWires, but what if I told you that you can get a good amount of capability for a fraction of that price? 

Meet the Kolter ES1. Yes, it may look like a dual-sport or something similar to what Zero Motorcycles have in its stable, but it’s priced really well in comparison. At just $5,990 USD, some would even say that it is questionably low, but it could be a sign of things to come. 

Electric motorcycles are still a ways off from being commonplace in the United States and the rest of the world. The technology in these vehicles is still relatively new, and it might take a little while for people to get used to treating their two-wheelers like they treat their phones, though that hasn’t stopped some people from achieving rather impressive feats using nothing but electric power and sheer will

Wait a minute, Kolter? Yes, it is a brand that is relatively unknown for now, but its highway-capable electric motorcycle might just usher in a new generation of more affordable electric motorcycles so more can get on board with electricity moving them forward. 

The ES1 has an advertised top speed of up to 72 miles per hour according to its specifications in the United States, and up to 62 miles per hour in Canada. It’s still a good amount of speed given that it only has a 12 kilowatt-capable motor. 

Kolter ES1 Electric Motorcycle

Its electric motor draws power from either one or two removable 2.3-kilowatt-hour batteries. As standard, the unit will come with one battery, with the extra bumping the price up by $990 USD. Adding the extra battery will get you more range and the higher top speed figure of 72 miles per. You can expect the ES1 to go about 62 miles in the city, and about 37 miles on the highway before it conks out. 

At $5,990, what do you expect? Sure, it’s not the most powerful, but it does mark a rather important milestone in North America signaling that perhaps the electric motorcycle market could get a bump down in price in exchange for more modest performance. 

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