Middleweight naked street bikes like the Yamaha MT-09 are definitely among the most versatile machines that can be outfitted with accessories to suit various applications. Naked bikes can very easily be outfitted with kit to make them track-ready machines, urban commuters, sport-tourers, and sometimes even adventure-tourers. As such, many aftermarket accessory manufacturers build their entire product catalogues on these versatile machines.

German motorcycle luggage and accessory manufacturer SW-Motech has recently released a range of accessories for the new and improved 2021 Yamaha MT-09. The bike is practically a new bike from the ground up, featuring a redesigned frame, suspension, and engine. The bodywork and overall styling has been changed, too, so this definitely means that a lot of accessories for the previous generation model are no longer compatible. With that, SW-Motech's product catalogue for the new MT-09 seeks to deliver enhanced practicality thanks to numerous luggage options, and of course, protection, via its crash guards and sliders. 

Some notable products include five new options in the Pro bag model range. With storage space ranging from a compact six liters all the way to a tour-ready 18 liters, these bags are compatible with SW-Motech's proprietary Street-Rack luggage rack. Choose from the commuter friendly Pro Roadpack, to the spacious, heavy duty Pro Travelbag. Those of you looking for a more conventional luggage approach can also opt for the Urban ABS Top Case which mounts to a rear luggage rack. With 19.5 liters of capacity, it's just the right size to carry your daily essentials, be it for work or play. 

Of course, no bike can be fully accessorized without the necessary crash protection. SW-Motech's accessory range for the MT-09 includes tubular steel crash guards which are designed to protect the bike's crankcase and engine block in the event of a tip over. The crash guard mounts directly onto the bike's frame, and is finished in a sleek and subtle flat black. A black aluminum windshield is also available. However, judging by its design, it's there mostly for aesthetics, and doesn't look to offer significant wind protection.

All these products and many more options specific to the 2021 MT-09 are available in SW-Motech's official website linked in the sources below. If you happen to own the MT-09's smaller sibling, the MT-07, SW-Motech has also released an accessory line for this bike fairly recently, so be sure to check it out, too. 

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