Are you a Yamaha Ténéré 700 owner? If so, then Touratech has some news you may want to know about. While it’s regarded by most as a solid entry-level adventure bike, there are always some areas where most bikes can be improved. If you think the T7’s saddle is one of those areas, read on. 


Touratech just introduced its new Comfort Seat for the Ténéré 700, and hidden beneath that unassuming exterior are some very careful comfort considerations. The aftermarket accessories maker said that it’s taken the T7 out testing with numerous riders, who all agreed that the saddle could use some attention. Overall, they said it was too narrow and didn’t have enough padding for longer rides to be comfortable. 


So, Touratech’s technicians in Bavaria got to work. They used high-quality foam, to ensure important things like comfort, firmness, and even weight distribution. The seat is anatomically contoured, to help keep your tailbone and spine aligned properly. This should help prevent both discomfort and fatigue over long rides. The seat is also wider toward the back, and tapers toward the front so you can get a good grip on the tank with your knees. Even the seam placement was carefully strategized to help avoid uncomfortable pressure points. 

Gallery: Touratech Comfort Seat for Yamaha Ténéré 700

The special Fresh Touch coating on the cover fabric reflects sunlight, and Touratech claims it can reduce the surface temperature by up to 10 degrees Celsius (or 50 degrees Fahrenheit). Three different heights of saddle are available, with a two-centimeter difference (just over ¾ of an inch) between the three. Low seat height is 55cm, standard is 57cm, and high is 59cm. The 57cm Touratech saddle matches the existing seat height of a stock T7. 


This new Comfort Seat is currently listed in Touratech’s European shop at an MSRP of €440.29, or about $524. In the US shop, it lists at $799.95.  


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