It seems that Yamaha has a knack for launching limited-edition motorcycles modelled after superheroes and movies. In June, 2021, the Tuning Fork Company launched Star Wars-themed liveries for the NMAX scooter in Brazil. It also launched the Super Squad Edition of the FZ25 naked bike, modelled after the Avengers. This time around, Yamaha has released a special-edition MT-03 modelled after Iron Man.

While I, certainly, am no fan of superhero-themed motorcycles, there are definitely people out there who would very much love to have an Iron Man-themed bike. Now, the MT-03 Iron Man Edition is available only in Brazil, and has been priced at BRL 27,790, which translates to around $4,965 USD. As expected, the MT-03 Iron Man Edition gets a loud and somewhat gaudy motif consisting of gloss red and gold accents, similar to Iron Man's iconic colorway. It gets additional Marvel universe touches such as the Avengers logo on the headlight, as well as the Iron Man insignia on the tank pad. 

Underneath the Iron Man suit, however, we don't find any high-tech gadgets, so Tony Stark will certainly be disappointed. In the U.S. market, the MT-03 is undeniably a beginner motorbike suited to first time riders. In Brazil, however, this lightweight naked streetfighter is a bike to upgrade into—a machine many motorcyclists in that country dream of owning. After all, its 321cc parallel-twin motor producing around 40 ponies is a lot bigger and more powerful than your run of the mill 150cc to 200cc machines that traverse Brazilian roads. 

Personally, I was never a fan of the whole superhero-themed design craze. Maybe it's because, where I'm from, the whole superhero design thingamajig is extremely overplayed. Plus, it'll certainly be difficult to get riding gear to match your bike's Iron Man-themed colorway. Anyway, to each their own, I guess. 

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