Superhero themed motorcycles seem to be all the rage now. With various custom shops rolling out creations inspired from popular movie characters, to OEMs rolling out special edition variants of popular motorcycles, it goes without saying that superhero memorabilia isn't just for kids. Indeed, riding a motorcycle is meant to be fun, so why not make things even more fun by repping your favorite superheroes on your daily commute to school or work?

With this, Yamaha has unveiled special edition variants of its popular FZ25 street bike in Brazil. Themed after Marvel's Avengers, the special edition FZ25 comes in two flavors. Firstly, Yamaha has created a Captain Marvel themed livery for the popular street bike. This variant prominently features Captain Marvel's insignia, as well as her signature red and blue color scheme. The Black Panther takes center stage on the second FZ25 Marvel edition variant. With a more subtle and sleek design, the Black Panther edition employ subtle cues of our favorite Wakandan legend such as traces of claw marks and light touches of silver and purple. 

Yamaha FZ-25 Marvel Edition
Yamaha FZ-25 Marvel Edition

Quirky superhero designs aside, the Yamaha FZ25 is, in itself a rather capable daily commuter that fits pretty well in Brazil's bustling urban environment. Updated for the 2021 model year, the Yamaha FZ25 was updated with new looks and more modern features. The bike now comes standard with a full-LED headlight, as well as a digital LCD instrument panel. The bike's safety features have also been bumped up by way of dual channel ABS and a side-stand kill switch. 

As far as performance is concerned, the FZ25 is equipped with a simple yet effective 249cc single which pumps out the better part of 20 horsepower giving the bike some pep to its step. A five speed gearbox transfers the power to the back wheel, and enables the bike to accelerate rather swiftly, making it just the right mix of fun and practical. 

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