In recent years, it has been clear to see that Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have been stepping up their game when it comes to improving the styling and overall build quality of their products. With certain brands such as CFMoto and Benelli beginning to make names for themselves in the global market, not to mention major OEMs tying up with Chinese companies to lower costs, there's no denying that made-in-china bikes are here to stay. 

Brixton, a Chinese motorcycle maker that has begun penetrating the Asian and European markets, has recently unveiled a high-capacity, retro-style roadster called the GK1200. Now, I'll let you, dear readers, decide if this bike is a Bonneville ripoff, but it's certainly clear to see that this iconic British Twin served as the inspiration to the Brixton GK1200. The Chinese neo-retro machine sports classic, upright styling with decent proportions that make the bike look like it means business. In fact, it could be all too easy to mistake this bike for a Triumph Bonneville or Kawasaki W800 at first glance. 

Brixton GK1200

Styling aside, the Brixton GK1200 employs a parallel-twin motor displacing 1,200 cubes. Now, if the crop of made-in-China parallel-motors currently in the market is anything to go by, then chances are this mill gets a 180-degree crankshaft. Sorry, guys, but if that's the case then you'll surely be disappointed with this bike, especially if it's the burly exhaust note you're after. Who knows, though? Maybe it could actually sport a 270-degree crankshaft similar to what we find in the Bonneville. Gaokin, the company in charge of producing these engines, claims a maximum power output of 85 horsepower and 81 ft-lbs of torque. 

Apart from the engine, the GK1200 does get some respectable componentry consisting of KYB-sourced suspension and Nissin brakes. Bosch handles electronic assists such as ABS, traction control, and riding modes. Additionally, the bike gets full-LED lighting and a round TFT instrument cluster mounted squarely at the center of the handlebar. Surely, this bike represents a step forward when it comes to China-made bikes. However, only time will tell if this bike is indeed built to last. Expect to see the Brixton GK1200, as well as other bikes of similar sort in EICMA later on this year. 

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