Unlike our four-wheeled cousins, our beloved two-wheeled steeds tend to be more sensitive to tire pressures. More often than not, it's really easy for us to detect if any one of our wheels is either too soft or too hard. Of course, it goes without saying that riding your motorcycle with tire pressures that are severely off-spec could pose a substantial threat to our safety and the longevity of our machines.

On top of this, in the event of a puncture, it's pretty much game over unless you can limp your way to the nearest service station, or you're carrying a tire repair kit with you. This is especially true for adventure riders who wander well beyond the confines of civilization. Surely, being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and no way to repair it is what nightmares are made of. Having said that, you may want to skip your next trip to Burger King and add some change to the money you would've spent on an upsize, extra-large, Triple Whopper Meal, and get yourself this nifty AirMan Tour Mini Compressor.

Take The AirMan Tour Mini Compressor With You On Your Adventures

For just $30, you could keep this bad boy in your backpack, under your bike's seat—assuming there's enough room down there, that is, or in your top case or panniers and just forget about it. Throw in a cheap yet dependable tire repair kit, too, for good measure. Surely, you'll thank yourself in the event you need a quick repair on the side of the road. Yes, CO2 cartridges are lighter and easier to use, however, these one-time-use items can be very finicky, and it usually takes a couple of them to fully inflate a rear tire. On top of that, CO2 cartridges can easily go to waste, especially when fitted incorrectly on the valve stem. 

The AirMan Tour mini compressor, available in Touratech's online store, will also surely come in handy for those die-hard adventure riders who wish to air-down their tires prior to tackling a section of gnarly terrain. Once you're back on the pavement, you're surely going to want to air-up those tires before hitting the open road back home. Simply park your bike on the side of the road, hook the compressor up either to your battery or 12V socket, pump your wheels up, and go on your merry way. 

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