KTM joined the ever-growing ranks of adaptive cruise control bikes when it released the 2021 1290 Super Adventure S in January, 2021. One month later, in February, 2021, the Ready to Race brand lived up to its off-road lineage with the 1290 Super Adventure R. Its upgraded suspension, tubeless wire-spoked wheels, and Red Bull KTM-inspired livery equipped the R variant for the trail.

However, without the S trim’s radar-assisted cruise control system, it lost some of its touring chops. Luckily, aftermarket adventure specialists are here to remedy the situation with rugged, dirt-worthy luggage and accessories for the 2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R.

Inevitably, all adventure bikes end up on their side and Touratech’s crash bar extensions protect the 1290’s lovely new fairings and livery. The Expedition skid plate also makes the wild seem mild thanks to its folded ultra-robust aluminum construction and comprehensive coverage. Headlight grills and an assortment of handguard options deflect oncoming debris while protection for the ABS module and rear master cylinder guard against errant rocks.

You can’t take a road trip without packing a few belongings, and Touratech’s ZEGA Evo X aluminum pannier system optimizes carrying capacity. The system’s slim profile also minimizes width while accounting for the stock 1290 Super Adventure’s exhaust. Constructed of 1.5-millimeter-thick aluminum sheeting, the panniers ride on an equally tough rack composed of 18-millimeter-thick stainless steel tubing. Customers can maximize luggage volume by adding the 38-liter ZEGA Evo Topcase or by adding the Ambato EXP Rallye tank bag, Ibarra handlebar pouch, or Ambato tail bag.

Long days in the saddle can take a toll on the rider and Touratech’s one-piece comfort seat, Pivot Pegz articulated foot pegs, and brake lever extenders provide welcoming accommodations while promoting proper posture for the long haul. Lastly, tidbits like folding mirrors, kickstand extension, and professional toolsets make off-road exploration that much easier. While Team Orange outfitted the 1290 Super Adventure R for the trail, Touratech’s latest accessories allow the flagship ADV to go the distance.

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