Givi is making it clear that serious adventure riders are very important customers with its latest product release, the Alaska top case. Touting 56 liters of capacity, the top case joins Givi’s existing Alaska side cases in the company’s Trekker series. 

The Italian luggage specialist first introduced its Alaska side cases at EICMA 2019 and made them available in the summer of 2020. The Alaska line was designed as a more affordable option to its top-of-the-line Outback ADV range, while also being easier to repair and more modular. You can expect the new top case to feature all of the properties of the existing Alaska side panniers, including fewer moving parts, fewer rivets, and a more streamlined assembly process. Stainless steel hinges and technopolymer (a.k.a. moulded plastic) are also used to keep costs down and sturdiness high. 

The most appealing feature for the hardcore adventure-touring rider is the boast of 56 liters of capacity. This is enough to fit two full-face helmets and, with a pair of 36-liter Alaska side cases, makes a total of 128 liters of storage. 

givi alaska top case 2

The Alaska design is rugged and rudimentary, putting practicality at the forefront; if you want prettier luggage, Givi has plenty of that to offer. The aluminum walls are made from 1.5mm aluminum, the same as the Outback series, and you can choose from natural aluminum or a black finish. Marine-grade silicone seals and gaskets are used to keep water out. The new top case will accommodate Givi’s Monokey system, which uses the same key for locking the boxes as well as detaching them from the mounts. Four belt loops are included at the top of each corner to strap on additional items. 

The Alaska top case (ALA56) is made in Italy and available worldwide. Pricing is TBD, as is an official release date, but keep in mind the high-end, 42-liter Outback top case starts at $422 USD (about 370 Euros) and the Alaska should be cheaper.

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