A lot has happened since EICMA 2019. Countless manufacturers closed down production for several months, numerous industry events postponed or canceled for 2020, and motorcycle sales plummeted before skyrocketing to pre-pandemic levels. While the international trade show feels like it was decades ago, recent production resumptions are allowing GIVI to finally release new designs unveiled in November 2019.

One model that GIVI is excited to bring to market is the Trekker Alaska side cases. Just a notch below the flagship Trekker Outbacks, the new panniers optimize versatility and repairability with a streamlined design, less moving parts, and a reduced number of rivets. The Trekker Alaskas fit a wide range of in-production and discontinued motorbikes with GIVI’s Monokey rack system.

The modularity of the hard bags not only makes them more accessible but also lends to easy maintenance and repair. GIVI made the handles, locks, hinges, and brackets replaceable, so riders can keep the panniers in working order while exploring the most rugged terrain. While the Trekker Alaska cases are quite durable, features like the spring-loaded safety hook ensure that users won’t inadvertently drop the luggage when unloading the bike. The hook double-functions as an easy way for riders to fully open the side cases when used in tandem with a top box.

To remove the Trekker Alaskas from the Monokey mount, users will operate an external knob that actuates an internal cable system. The internal mechanism ensures that the security lock is protected from the elements and maintenance-free while also operating smoothly. Integrated into the shape of the bag, the handles also make carrying the cases ergonomically-sound and easy on the wrist.

With 36 liters of capacity, the Trekker Alaska side cases should provide more than enough space for your next adventures. The Italian-designed and manufactured panniers will be available in the US soon with the brushed-aluminum version retailing for $760 and the powder-coated black version costing $835.

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