When a manufacturer releases a new adventure bike, the aftermarket responds quickly. In late 2019Honda announced the updated CRF1100L Africa Twin. Now, accessory maker GIVI’s showing off a new series of bolt-ons for the big ADV. 

Most adventure riders will want to add crash protection and luggage to their bikes, and GIVI’s new line offers both. For the former, there’s a set of 25mm steel tube crash bars. It’s a two-part assembly, with a lower set that protects the engine, and a set of higher-mounted crash bars that protects the radiator and fairing. In addition to the added protection, the crash bars can serve as a mounting point for accessory lights. GIVI also offers an extension for the stock handguards, offering more protection from wind and trailside branches. 

GIVI is probably best-known for its luggage systems, and it’s built a set of racks that allows you to mount its Monokey or Trekker Outback hard luggage, as well as its Monokey or Monolock top boxes. There’s also a mounting ring that installs around the fuel tank filler hole, allowing you to attach GIVI’s quick-release Tanklock tank bags. 

Adventure riders often change out their windscreen, either to a taller model for more highway wind protection, or a shorter model, for off-roading. GIVI offers both options for the CRF1100L. Touring enthusiasts can also buy GIVI’s Smart Bar mounting kit, specifically designed to easily install GPS and other devices in the updated Africa Twin cockpit.  

GIVI built a rear wheel spray guard for the CRF1100Lan odd choice, but maybe a decent upgrade for group rides. On a more practical note, GIVI also built an add-on for the sidestand, which gives its foot a greater surface area to reduce the chances of tip overs on soft terrain. 

Pricing for all the new gadgetry will vary, depending what market you’re in, but you can see Euro pricing, and photos of some of the accessories, at GIVI’s website 

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