Just because you haven’t seen a new Ténéré 700 at your local Yamaha dealer yet, that doesn’t mean the aftermarket isn’t already all over that new midsize adventure hottie. Givi, for example, has already released adventure luggage and accessories for this brand new bike, and the legendary Italian luggage manufacturer isn’t messing around, as evidenced by this great video from EICMA.

If you ask anyone who already has a Super Ténéré (ahem, like yours truly), they’ll say that the Yamaha factory luggage is serviceable if you’re careful with it, but it is not great and the locks are especially prone to failure. If you have a Ténéré 700 on order but don’t want the Yamaha factory luggage for it, the Givi setup is a fantastic, time-tested, and well-made option.

Those of you who already run Givi luggage will know what I mean when I say Monokey; it is the triple-anchor system by which Givi bags snap onto a luggage rack and stay there. Givi Monokey hard cases attach to the bike with that familiar triangular-mount setup and are available for the new Ténéré 700. The Givi cases that you already have for your other bike can pop off that one and onto your new Ténéré, with its brand new Givi side case and top case mounts. The hardware for a top case and the side cases is separate, so you can purchase hardware to mount a top case alone, and the side cases later, or the other way around. If you prefer, Givi will also have dry-bag-style soft cases available for all your dual-sporting and off-roading needs.

Up front, Givi offers a clear or smoke windshield upgrade as well as larger-than-stock side wind deflectors. These are great options for keeping the wind off the rider at higher speeds.

If you’re still not done customizing, a “smart bar” across the inside of your newly-upgraded windshield will hold your Garmin Zumo or, with the addition of Givi’s Smart Mount, you can pop your cell phone right onto that smart bar. Your GPS and phone will be just below eye level, so no more looking down, away from the road, onto your tank bag’s map pocket.

For the belly of the bike, Givi offers a 5mm thick bash plate as well as a side-stand foot enlarger, so you can take your new Ténéré off-road without worrying about smashing up the engine case or exhaust headers. Then you can park it in soft sand and that big foot will keep your bike from sinking in. Are you ready for your new Yamaha?

Source: Givi

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