When Yamaha unveiled its middleweight adventure bike, the Ténéré 700, the entire ADV-loving community was at awe with how versatile and capable this seemingly simple adventure tourer was. Based on Yamaha's tried and tested MT-07 platform, the Ténéré 700 set the bar higher when it came to the 650cc class of adventure bikes.

Go The Distance On Your Ténéré 700 With GIVI's New Luggage Range

In a matter of months, a massive aftermarket scene had developed for this bike. With tons of accessories and upgrades to all imaginable parts of the motorcycle rolling out left and right. From performance-oriented upgrades such as exhaust and suspension kits, to accessories meant to maximize the comfort of the ride, the Ténéré 700 continues to prove itself as a thoroughly versatile platform that's more than willing to go the distance. 

Speaking about going the distance, Italian luggage and gear manufacturer GIVI has launched a new range of luggage accessories specific to the Ténéré 700. For starters, GIVI's rear rack and plate, which retails for $219 USD for the rack and $104 USD for the plate, opens up a whole host of top case options within the GIVI model range. GIVI has one of the most secure and easy to install and uninstall quick-locking systems for its top cases in the industry, and this accessory for the Ténéré 700 allows you to easily swap out top cases depending on the distance of your travels. 

Go The Distance On Your Ténéré 700 With GIVI's New Luggage Range

GIVI has also released two types of Monokey Side Frames for the Ténéré 700. The first of which is a slimmer, simpler setup which is compatible with all of GIVI's Monokey panniers and soft bags. Made out of tubular 18mm gauge steel which has been powder coated in black, the Monokey Side Frames can easily be removed with a tool provided in the kit, should you wish for a slimmer aesthetic on shorter rides.

The second option comes in the form of the Monokey Cam Outback Side Frames, which are the burliest, widest side pannier frames in the accessory lineup. It's designed specifically for the GIVI Outback aluminum cases and GRT709 Canyon soft bags. GIVI's Monokey Side Frame kit retails for $288 USD, while the bigger, more adventurous Monokey Cam Outback Side Frames fetch a more premium price of $315 USD. 

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