The new Harley-Davidson Pan America is shaping up to be a best-seller for the American brand, at least based on its reception in Wisconsin. 

Deliveries of the adventure-tourer started in early May, with dealers receiving units towards the tail-end of the month. According to the dealers, the Pan America presents a great value in the segment. Starting at just $17,000 USD, it's competitively priced among the other adventure-tourers out in the market. 

Dealers are as ecstatic as the customers themselves. Some dealerships are requiring deposits and using waiting lists to help manage the sales of the Pan America. Essentially, as soon as the dealers get them, they're gone. 

The Milwaukee Business Journal also quoted several dealerships on their thoughts about the Pan America. Statements like: "we all loved it," "I think it's a good product," and "an absolutely amazing bike," were made by several personalities in the Harley dealerships. The general manager of Harley-Davidson Oconomowoc, Craig Winger, also stated that "it's a pretty overwhelming response we got from the consumer," as evidenced by the units rolling off the showroom floor as soon as they get there.

Apart from the dealerships, Harley's first foray into the segment was received quite well, and even international markets such as India are receiving units to sell.

What's not to love about the Pan America? It's the most advanced Harley-Davidson to date and by far the most capable across a spectrum of riding environments. With its 1,252cc Revolution Max V-twin engine, it produces 150 horsepower and 93 pound-feet of torque. The model also gets variable valve timing (VVT), fuel injection, and is liquid-cooled. The thoroughly modern engine is further enhanced by a bevy of electronic rider aids, and it also gets several creature comforts like a snazzy TFT display, a tire pressure monitoring system, and heated grips. It even already has a burgeoning market of aftermarket parts and accessories available


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