Even the smallest tip-over can totally ruin your day if your bike lands wrong. Hit either of your levers, and you can do the kind of damage that keeps you from riding until you can replace it. If you’re adventuring far from home, that’s an even bigger problem. Existing hand protectors vary in both strength and effectiveness, with some being better at wind deflection than guarding your levers.  

That’s where our friends at Touratech come in. The German aftermarket accessories maker just introduced its new Defensa hand protectors, which are a closed-construction option fitted with a forged aluminum bracket for added strength and protection. Let’s take a look. 

The closed-bracket variety of hand protectors mounts in two places. The first place is near the mounting clamps on your bars, and the second is out at the end. This keeps the whole thing enclosed in the event of a crash. Defensa protectors come with two screwed main components, in addition to a set of fittings. The reasoning behind this multi-part construction is adaptability to get the fit just right on your specific application. Touratech also took important considerations like lever actuation and handlebar lock into account when coming up with this design. 

Gallery: Touratech Defensa Hand Protectors

The Defensa hand protectors come in two versions—Pure and Expedition. Pure includes just the aluminum bracket and fittings, and is great for straight-up off-road use. If you’re going to tour as well, the Expedition version adds a plastic wind deflector made to fit perfectly with the aluminum bracket. There’s also an Extension spoiler for additional weather protection, which is sold separately. Both the plastic wind deflectors and extensions come in your choice of white or black to suit your styling needs. 

These are not universal-fit accessories, with Touratech developing individual fitment solutions to best complement specific models. As of March 9, 2021, Defensa protectors are available for the following models: 

Future models are also in development, so check back with Touratech to see if your bike is there in the future, if it isn’t on this list. Prices for existing Defensa hand protectors start at €132.26 (or about $157) per set, while the Extensions run an additional €26.38 (or approximately $31). 


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