Maximum dryness.

There are several steps involved in the planning of a motorcycle road trip. They include, but aren’t necessarily limited to, mapping out the route and the overnight stays, packing efficiently, and of course, planning your gear accordingly. See, when you have the proper protective gear, the weather doesn't become a deterrent and doesn’t affect your traveling plans. In a worst-case scenario, if you don’t have rain gear, getting wet isn’t too dramatic—it’s mainly uncomfortable. Ideally, you want to change into something dry not to get too cold so imagine how frustrating it is when the dry clothes you look forward to changing into also get wet.   

If you travel by motorcycle a lot, then you might want to consider getting yourself a few good weatherproof bags to make sure everything from your clothes to your electronics stay dry even when you don’t get to. Touratech has a solution for you with its new collection of extra-waterproof luggage and bags.   

The new Touratech Extreme Waterproof collection features what the company refers to as “a 3-layer construction for absolute waterproof toughness”. What that means is that the bags are made of three layers of fabric treated differently to serve different purposes. The outer layer is made of a rubberized polymer with welded seams that not only keeps water and UV rays out but also makes the bags sturdier. The rubber-like lining also adds grip which helps keep the bags steadier on the bike.   

The middle layer is made of 1000-denier nylon mesh bonded with the exterior layer to add extra tear resistance. Finally, the inner layer is made of yellow vinyl that provides additional waterproofing and is easy to wipe and clean. The manufacturer chose to make the lining yellow so that riders can easily find their items inside the bags.   

Gallery: Touratech Extreme Waterproof Bag Collection

Here are the items included in the collection: 

All the bags feature a versatile mounting system which makes them easy to attach to any type of motorcycle as well as a reflective Touratech logo which helps make riders more visible. They also have an array of interior and exterior pockets for added practicality. The entire collection is now up for grabs on the Touratech website.  

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