We've talked about New Zealand-based electric two-wheeler startup FTN Motion before. The company has been hard at work spreading awareness and raising funding for the Streetdog, its fun and lovable electric moped that features retro, cafe-racer styling. It would seem that the Streetdog is slowly inching to production, as FTN Motion has recently completed its first Beta unit.

To showcase the upcoming bike, the company has collaborated with Wellington International Airport, and commissioned local artist Gina Kiel to come up with an absolutely striking motif for this fun-loving electric motorbike. As it would turn out, the collaboration between FTN Motion and Wellington Airport ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to the vision of both parties concerned. A report published by The PACK highlights that the collaboration signals Wellington Airport's commitment to a greener, more sustainable future—something that's very heavily dependent on innovations like FTN Motion's Streetdog. 

Check Out FTN Motion’s Colorful Streetdog At Wellington Airport
Check Out FTN Motion’s Colorful Streetdog At Wellington Airport

Steve Sanderson, CEO of Wellington Airport, commented on the Streetdog's potential for sustainable mobility stating, "The Streetdog offers a practical and sustainable way for people to get around Wellington and their design is the perfect fit for the capital’s creative style. I’m sure Gina Kiel’s colourful design will be quite a conversation starter”.⁠ FTN Motion has always been about keeping things close to home, and highlighting the creativity and ingenuity of folks from New Zealand. The ongoing display of the Streetdog lets people see the bike up close, sign up for a test ride, and even get on FTN's second production waitlist.  

The Streetdog is propelled by a hub-mounted electric motor and is capable of achieving a top speed of 31 miles per hour. Given its classic, cafe-racer-inspired styling, it's sure to be a hit among younger riders looking to get their first taste of a motorized two-wheeler. Additionally, its approachable, no-frills nature will certainly make it a handy tool for bopping around town, be it on quick and leisurely errand runs, or just for fun. 

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