Zero Motorcycles is one of the pioneers of the electric two-wheeler revolution. Born back in 2006 under the Electricross name, it was the brainchild of a former NASA engineer with a vision for developing a powerful, lightweight motocross machine. It wasn't until 2010, however, that the company began selling its first production model, the S, a simple, no-frills electric streetfighter that would go on to start a revolution.

Fast forward 11 years and Zero Motorcycles has released some truly impressive machines. On July 13, 2021, Zero unveiled its newest model, the FXE; a sharp and aggressive supermoto designed to be a fun, do-it-all machine. This time around, Zero has given three of its popular models a refresh, particularly on the tech side of things. For the 2022 model year, the Zero S continues to draw power from the Z-Force 75-5 passively cooled electric motor. With 46 ponies and 78 ft-lbs of torque, it claims a top speed of 98 miles per hour. The electric motor is powered by a 7.2 kWh lithium-ion battery which promises to return a range of 89 miles. 

Zero Motorcycles S - Still
2022 Zero S
Zero Motorcycles DSR - Still
2022 Zero DSR

Zero Motorcycles has also updated its dual-sport range in the form of the DS and DSR. The 2022 DS also gets the same Z-Force 75-5 electric motor, albeit packaged in a trail-ready platform. Just like the S, it can achieve a top speed of 98 miles per hour, while providing 82 miles of off-road range. It comes in an adventurous Quicksand colorway, giving it an even more rugged personality.

Lastly, the performance-oriented DSR, available in a sleek black colorway, offers the most performance of the bunch via the Z-Force 75-7 electric motor which pumps out 70 horsepower and 116 ft-lbs of torque, offering a higher top speed of 102 miles per hour. The 2022 DSR is outfitted with the Z-Force 14.4 kWh battery pack promises to return a range of 163 miles both on and off-road.

The 2022 Zero S, DS, and DSR all come equipped with the company's proprietary Cypher II Operating System which unlocks a whole host of new features for tech-savvy riders. Not only does the new OS keep tabs on the bike's vitals such as ABS, battery life, and power output, it also brings tech features such as Bluetooth smartphone connectivity to the table. An all new five-inch, optically bonded, full-color, TFT display likewise serves as the cherry atop all the tech updates found on the 2022 model range. 

As far as pricing and availability, the Zero S and DS are both priced at $11,195. The range-topping DSR with its extended range and bump in torque and power fetches a premium at $15,695. All these models and more are available across all Zero Motorcycles dealerships worldwide, with the 2022 S, DS, and DSR shipping out today, September 14, 2021. 

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