Scorpion is known for their value in the gear market, and the brand’s Covert line of helmets make a statement on and off the bike. 

Some say that the Covert models look like a Storm Trooper’s lid, others say that it came straight out of a videogame, well, save for Icon and some of their more sci-fi colorways. Anyway, it’s a helmet with many faces. Either you can use your own face or attach the chin bar on for a more full-face look. 

Anyway, the Covert X and the Covert EVO both receive styling updates for 2021. The ‘X’ gets a mean-looking chin bar with three ventilation holes for the chin, unlike the prior iteration. The ‘X’ also features a round crown area, while the EVO has more indents and cutouts, as well as smoother edges for aerodynamics and style, not bad considering that it’s the more affordable model. 

Scorpion Covert X

Designed to meet a variety of styles, the Covert allows you to choose between several configurations thanks to a detachable chin bar. You may even take out the rear section of the helmet and turn it into a half helmet. 

The shell of the Covert is dressed in Scorpion’s multi-layered TCT-Ultra shell. Composed of fiberglass, aramid, and polymer-resin, the shell keeps the helmet from weighing a ton, but offers up a great amount of protection should you need it. However, the chin bar would be a big point of weakness as it can be detached. You can also expect a dual-density EPS foam for safety. 

Inside, the helmet features Scorpion’s KwikWik III antimicrobial interior lining, and it also gets speaker pockets for your Cardo, Sena, or another communicator system like the one Scorpion has.   

Scorpion also bundles this guy with a five-year warranty and you may get one for the price of $299 USD for the X, and $209 USD for the EVO. 

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