I don't know about you, but I've always felt that finding the right pair of motorcycle gloves is a never-ending, ever-changing challenge. Some days, I prefer a full leather glove that fits warmly and snuggly. On other days, I want to wear a lightweight, breathable pair of gloves. Indeed, the weather, the type of riding I'll be doing, and even simply my mood can affect the gloves I choose to buy, and eventually wear on a daily basis. 

To satisfy the vast preferences of motorcyclists when it comes to riding gloves, gear and equipment manufacturers often have a plethora of options. Italian gear maker Tucano Urbano is no exception. Just this year alone, the company has released more than five new products to add to its already extensive array of gear options. To add to the list is the new Penna summer riding gloves, a lightweight, breathable, and protective riding glove that's perfect for a variety of uses. Its nondescript styling is pleasantly appealing in a sense that it can be worn on all types of motorcycles without it looking too dramatically out of place. 

Tucan Urbano Launches Stylish Penna Summer Gloves

The Tucano Urbano Penna makes use of a lightweight, moisture-wicking synthetic chamois palm which provides comfort and freedom of motion. The upper hand area is constructed out of a stretchy fabric with mesh inserts to provide a comfy, breathable fit. Keeping your mitts nice and breezy and protected at the same time, the gloves make use of rigid composite inserts on the knuckles and fingers which are placed beneath the outer mesh layer. This gives the glove a smooth, clean aesthetic. The palm, meanwhile, gets soft mesh inserts just below the fingers, and an abrasion-resistant pad near the base. 

Tucano Urbano's newest gloves offer urban practicality in a sense that you don't need to take them off in order to access your personal belongings such as your mobile phone, wallet, or GPS. Touchscreen compatibility, as well as comfy mesh inserts around the fingers allow for uninterrupted freedom of movement. A perfect fit is ensured via a neoprene cuff with velcro adjustment, complete with a lycra gusset. 

The Penna gloves are certified in accordance to EN 13594: 2015 standards, and are available in four different color options: khaki, black, fluorescent yellow, and black with red accents. Sizing is offered from XS all the way to 2XL. Tucano Urbano's latest offering is rather affordable, too, at just 39.90 Euros, or the equivalent of $47 USD. 

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