Helstons is a French manufacturer for moto gear that mixes both style and substance in every product that it makes. The same can be said for its latest perforated glove, called the Eagle Air. 

While leather gloves are all kinds of stylish, Helstons took an existing model, put some holes into it, and then added a stylish touch to the index and middle finger. Now available, the glove should make any vintage enthusiast want a pair should they be able to afford it.

With a vintage motif, the glove is part of the brand’s latest collection of summer gear with an old-school feel. A spin on Helstons’ already available Eagle leather glove. The Air model, however, features perforations and some rather fun colorways, which makes allows the gloves to keep you cool while riding, but also adds a splash of style on top of the cool factor. 

Helstons Eagle Air Gloves

With perforations in key areas, the glove features the same template as the “Non-Air” Eagle model. It gets knuckle armor that allows it to be CE Level 1 certified according to EN13594-2015, and also a reinforced palm with aramid fibers underneath. The gloves’ cuff is mid-length so it’ll pair nicely with other vintage gear, like a leather jacket, or even a vintage one-piece.

Helstons Eagle Air Gloves

The hide used on these gloves is a full-grain goat leather on the palm and soft perforated leather on the knuckle-side of things. As mentioned, there are aramid fibers under the leather for extra abrasion resistance. Being a new product in the 21st century, it also comes with a touchscreen-compatible index finger. The glove is secured using a snap tab—no scratchy velcro here. 

Helstons Eagle Air Gloves

The gloves are available from sizes 8 to 13 and are available in a wide array of colors, namely black-and-beige, black-orange-and-beige, black-green-and-red, and a classic white-red-and-blue. You can get this pair of summer gloves for about $95 USD, or €79 EUR. 

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