Motorcycle gear continues evolving, and is now safer and more stylish than ever. The retro crowd is truly well acquainted with riding gear that’s been designed to look exceedingly nondescript, yet offers a suitable amount of protection. Truly, gone are the days of having to sacrifice safety and protection at the expense of fashion and style.

The latest piece of riding equipment to storm the fashion-conscious, two-wheeler-loving market comes from RST, a British riding gear manufacturer equipped with an arsenal of premium motorcycling equipment. Its latest offering comes to us in the form of the District Wax motorcycle shirt, which, at first glance, looks just like any other sleek dress shirt. It’s only when you look at it up close do you notice that it’s actually tantamount to a lightweight motorcycle jacket. Equipped with level-1 shoulder and elbow protection, it’s sure to provide a flattering physique depicting an illusion of chiseled deltoids and forearms.

British Gear Maker RST Rolls Out New District Wax Riding Shirt

This dapper dress shirt is constructed out of a weave of cotton and Kevlar fibers which provides comfort and adequate abrasion resistance. It gets a wax coating on the outside, providing water-repellent properties and a subtle sheen, and a moisture-wicking internal mesh lining for added comfort. Within the internal lining is an integrated pocket which can house a back protector. The shirt also gets adjustable cuffs and two external pockets for added convenience. Thanks to its level 1 shoulder and elbow protectors, as well as its cotton-Kevlar construction, the RST District Wax shirt is PPE Class A certified.

The RST District Wax riding shirt is definitely ideal for neo-retro and classic bike enthusiasts who wish to don riding gear which is attune to the aesthetic of their motorcycles. At the moment, the District Wax is available only in black, and sized from XS to 4XL. It’s a bit pricey for a dress shirt, though, at 149.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $177 USD.

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