Airbag-equipped race suits have been used in MotoGP as far back as 2007. Since then, Grand Prix motorcycle racing mandated the use of airbags in 2018 and the technology continues to evolveWith brands like Alpinestars and Dainese leading the airbag revolution, consumers can now access the utmost levels of protection.  

Gear like the D-Air 3 jacket and the Tech-Air vest are making airbag technology commonplace on the road, not just a staple of the circuitTo meet the market demand, RST recently released an airbag-integrated equipment range for the streets and the raceway. The  company now offers a one-piece race suit and lineup of on-road jackets to those seeking the best crash defense available.  

Developed in partnership with In&Motion, the RST created its airbag range utilizing data collected from over 500 crashes in MotoE, World Superbike, and British Supertwins. By connecting the suit or jacket to the In&Motion app, the system self-learns the rider’s movements to better detect irregularities. The technology used in the RST gear analyzes rider movements at 1,000 times a second and deploys the airbag in 60 milliseconds once an anomaly is identified.

Perfect for the track, the Race Dept V4.1 Airbag Leather One Piece Suit consists of a 60/40 mix of kangaroo leather and Grade A cowhide. Removable mesh lining and perforated panels help ventilate the rider on the most sweltering track days. Of course, the RST airbag system only amplifies the protection provided by the full suite of CE level 2 armor and Aramid lining. All that safety will run you £899.99 ($1,108 USD) but that’s much cheaper than a hospital bill.

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For those blokes that like to take the road less traveled, Pro Series Adventure-X airbag jacket has you covered on the trail and the tarmac. Designed with feedback from Dakar Rally finisher Mick Extance, the adventure piece features lightweight MaxTex synthetic material with Ballistic textile at high impact zones. The thermal and waterproof inner liner can also be removed and stored in the rear map pocket should the temperatures rise. At £499.99 ($615 USD), the reassurance of the airbag system should also inspire you to go further than ever before.

If sport riding or sport touring is more of your thing, RST offers the GT Airbag jacket in both leather and textile. Both jackets offer CE level 2 armor and the In&Motion-powered airbag system, but the outer shells set them apart. For the leather variant, perforations and a 3D mesh lining full flow air to the rider while the textile version offers more warmth with an insulated removable liner. With the GT Airbag Textile jacket costing £399.99 ($491 USD) and the GT Airbag Leather jacket coming in at £499.99 ($615 USD), you don’t have to break the bank to get protection worthy of MotoGP riders.

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