An unfortunate but unavoidable truth that all motorcyclists must face is the fact that our beloved steeds are constantly under threat of falling victim to theft and other untoward incidents. Unlike our four-wheeled counterparts, even a considerably heavy motorcycle, say an R 1250 GS,  can be moved around with muscle power alone, and even lifted onto a truck or flatbed by a small group of able-bodied individuals.

Yes, most modern-day motorcycles are equipped with anti-theft devices, but these can only go so far as deterring would-be thieves. Should a determined thief desire to knick your bike, not even the strongest bike lock or sophisticated alarm technology could stop them from doing so. It’s precisely because of these persevering thieves that Bikers Guardian, an innovative motorcycle parking concept was developed. This device, which looks like a parking ticket dispenser, is in fact a fancy parking portal designed to keep your motorcycle safe from would-be thieves.

Bikers Guardian: The Ultimate Solution To Motorcycle Theft?

It features a robust, floor-mounted construction making it nearly impossible to break free. The motorcycle is then held firmly on one side via a front wheel rocker complete with a lock. To make things even better, integrated into the device is an air-conditioned compartment capable of housing two sets of riding gear—helmet and jacket included. This conceptual parking device offers the benefit of keeping your bike and gear safe, as well as the convenience you get of not having to lug your bulky helmet and jacket around wherever you go. The fact that your gear is stored in a sealed, climate-controlled compartment is a nifty bonus, too.

Bikers Guardian has also been designed as a future-proof concept, as it integrates a fast-charging system for electric motorcycles. As is the case with all tech innovations, Bikers Guardian incorporates IOT features such as a mobile application which allows you to monitor your bike in real-time, no matter where you are. The app also allows you to reserve a parking slot, control the temperature of the air-conditioned cabinet, as well as pay your parking fee once you decide to leave.

While all this sounds very exciting on paper, we’re going to have to wait a while until this concept becomes a reality. Bikers Guardian was hoping to begin construction and assembly of its first parking modules in 2022. However, the global semiconductor shortage has slowed down the company’s progress. On top of this, the global situation hasn’t really helped the company in securing funding for the project, so Bikers Guardian is still conducting a crowdfunding campaign. Having said that, if this project is of interest to you, be sure to check out Bikers Guardian’s official website to learn more, and possibly make a donation to the project.

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