For the past couple of years, Kawasaki has been pretty quiet when it comes to rolling out all-new models chock full of techie innovations. Recent news from the Japanese company, however, suggests that it is searching far and wide for technological innovations which could very well make up its future model range. Particularly, it seems that Kawasaki is interested in the dual-sport platform, as suggested by its most recent development.

Kawasaki has recently commissioned the Institute of Applied Art and Design (IAAD), a renowned design institution based in Torino, Italy, to help the Japanese company flesh out new and exciting ideas and innovations which could later on be integrated to the company’s future model range. The talented minds at the IAAD have managed to create quite a unique concept—one that stands the chance to elevate the overall versatility of the good old dual-sport motorcycle even further. It’s called the Kawasaki Adaptive, and it has the ability to adjust its configuration based on its surroundings.

This means that a future motorcycle which boasts the Kawasaki Adaptive technology would have the ability to change its orientation depending on the terrain, or type of riding in question. So this means you could have a comfortable sport-tourer on the highway, which could then shorten its wheelbase and stiffen up its suspension for sportier riding in the twisties. Likewise, it could then extend its suspension travel for off-road duty. Talk about versatility.

Could The Kawasaki Adaptive Concept Pave The Way For Future Models?

What’s more is that if you take a close look at the Adaptive’s design, you can’t deny that it very much resembles what the future iteration of Team Green’s popular adventure-tourer, the Versys, could look like somewhere down the road. Alas, however, Kawasaki has stated that it will not be producing the Adaptive per se, however, it does say that this kind of technological innovation could influence its future models.

Kawasaki Sales Director, Sergio Vicarelli shared his optimism regarding the Adaptive concept: “The Adaptive has innovative design, attention to details, first-rate technology for a concept that does not go unnoticed, rather that evolves and adapts to the roads in front of it.” He went on to add: “Working with new and fresh ideas is always a pleasure and the guys (IAAD) have done their job in an excellent way, so many stimuli that will be a suggestion for Kawasaki’s team of designers in the motorcycle department.”

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