Motorcycle suspension is a mystifying topic for many riders. Whether you tune your own suspension or have a specialist dial it for you, most adjustments are based on past experience and feeling. Without hard data, turning the clickers can worsen the chassis issues and leave adjusters shooting in the dark.

That’s where telemetry tools come in, and BYB Telemetry’s new motocross kit has everything you need to tune your chassis for the most challenging tracks. In 2019, the Italian startup delivered the first 50 units of its mountain bike telemetry system following a successful crowdfunding campaign. Now, the budding brand is applying its MTB technology to its MX telemetry kit.


Retailing for €1,649 ($2,007 USD), the MX starter kit includes a fork sensor, shock sensor, GPS antenna, and data acquisition unit. The universal mounting hardware also accommodates all dirt bike models. Once the hardware is mounted, users can upload the data collected by the acquisition unit with BYB’s computer software and smartphone app.


By comparing information recorded by the three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope, GPS unit, and suspension sensors, riders can tailor their suspension settings to suit the . The MX kit also benefits from BYB’s update to System 2.0, which increases the telemetry module from two to ten channels and significantly increases its storage capacity. The new lightweight design is also waterproof, allowing the BYB system to endure all track and weather conditions.

Serious racers may also consider the brand’s premium full MX kit. In addition to the acquisition unit and two suspension sensors, the €1,899 ($2,310 USD) package includes two digital brake sensors and one wheel speed sensor. Both kits include free software updates for the lifetime of the module and are fully compatible with future generation sensors. If you’re serious about race performance, BYB Telemetry’s MX systems should help you demystify your suspension setup.

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