If you’re into any type of adventure or long-distance riding, then I’m sure you’ve spent a good number of sleepless nights browsing online shopping catalogues for your next motorcycle luggage solution. If you’re like me, then you tend to prefer having your luggage mounted as low as possible, so as not to disrupt the bike’s center of gravity.

Personally, I don’t mind increasing my bike’s width—as long as it isn’t too much—with a set of panniers as against making it more top-heavy with a bulky top case. As such, soft panniers and a rear-mounted bag or backpack are my go-to options for long-distance rides. Those of you who are looking for a high-capacity set of panniers but don’t want to go down the hard-case route may be pleased to know that Mosko Moto has launched a new pannier kit called the Backcountry 35 V2.1. ADV specialist website, ADV Pulse recently wrote up an impressive review on these panniers, describing them as one of the most feature-rich options currently available.

Mosko Moto Launches Modular Backcountry 35 V2.1 Panniers

These large carrying capacity panniers are something of a hybrid between hard and soft panniers. It makes use of a hard backing plate which needs to be attached to your bike’s pannier racks, assuming, that is, your bike is already equipped with a set. The Backcountry incorporates an easy-to-use mounting system with a locking latch for getting the bag itself on and off the bike with ease. The bag itself is constructed out of heavy-duty materials which provide impact and abrasion resistance in the event of a tip-over or slide. Additionally, the bags are lined with a waterproof material to protect your belongings from rain.

For added utility, the Mosko Moto panniers feature additional storage compartments which are easy to access, as they don’t require you to open the bag’s main compartment. This is perfect for storing essentials which you may need to access while in the middle of a ride prior to reaching your destination. Furthermore, an additional layer of Hypalon beefs up the whole structure all together. The Mosko Moto Backcountry is available in either a full-size 35L bag, or a smaller 25L bag, which is ideal for fitting on bikes with a high-rise exhaust system.

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