Six-time WSBK champion rider Jonathan Rea took third place at Autodrom Most in Czechia on August 8, 2021. Even though he wasn’t on the top step over the weekend, getting on any of those three steps meant that Rea has now taken a record-setting 200 podiums during his WSBK career. To date, no other rider is even close, with second-place podium holder Troy Corser having scored 130 in his own career. 

To celebrate, the WSBK organization pulled together both an excellent highlights video featuring various steps on Rea’s path to this record (link in Sources, as it's unfortunately unembeddable), as well as a list of associated stats. Over half of those 200 podiums were wins—107, to be exact. Add in 63 second-place finishes, and you get a total of 170 times that Rea either won or came in second. Only 30 times has Rea stood on the third step of the podium. 

WSBK has a whole host of additional stats on Rea’s career as well, and we’re not going to list them all here when you can check out the link in the Sources. What we will say is that it’s been fun to watch Rea’s career develop over time, and to see just how well he works with his team, his bikes, and the tracks that WSBK visits each season. He also seems to genuinely engage with his fans, which is always nice to see. 

It’s an impressive achievement, to say the least—and we’re not sure if we’ll see any other racer top it anytime soon. Since Rea is only 34 years old as of February 2, 2021, he could conceivably have plenty of time left in the series to make that podium record nigh untouchable. Every racer always wants to ride their best, so it isn’t hard to imagine. 

We at RideApart send congratulations on this momentous achievement, and look forward to all the amazing racing yet to come. 

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