Even if we’re lucky enough to be quarantining with people we super enjoy, the stress over time can be a bit much. Sometimes, you just gotta do something silly like hop on your bike and ride it through the house. Five-time World Superbike champion Jonathan Rea does just that in this video he posted on Twitter and IG. 

The best part is watching his young son laugh at his dad being super silly. He’s also the only one watching with avid interest as dad hops up on a bench in the garden and hoists a trophy over his head like it’s the top step of a podium. It doesn’t seem like Rea sprayed his son with that can of Monster Energy Drink he shook and then opened like champagne, but maybe I missed it.  

Like other professional racers, Rea keeps himself busy and finds good, socially distant ways to get outside and get exercise. He and his wife, Tatiare finding great stuff to do with their kids as a family that also involves bikes. Getting the next generation ready for all the fun their dad is having? Absolutely.  


Things like scouting out a nearby MTB trail to see if it’s a good place to take the boys. It seems that it is, so good for all four of them getting out and enjoying the sunshine! 


Back at home, the busy world-championship-winning dad is also teaching his kids about the fundamentals of balance. There are lots of skills you need to ride any kind of bike, pedaled or otherwise. Good balance is totally key. 


Will the kids get super into motorbikes later in life, like their dad? You never know, but if they do, they probably have one of the best teachers they could possibly ever have, right? Right. 

Sources: TwitterInstagram 

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