As the number of cases of coronavirus continues to grow, people are coming up with creative ways to deal with the mandatory or recommended isolation. In Italy and Spain, people share in musical moments from their private balconies to give the lockdown a lighter tone. Meanwhile, North Americans are too busy hoarding toilet paper to do anything remotely as fun. Racers all over the world are also stuck home, away from what they do best: ride bikes. For trials champion Antoni (Toni) Bou, the solution is simple: bring the motorcycle inside. 

If you’ve ever watched trials competitions, you know how impressive these guys’ skills can be. They have to balance on two wheels—and often on only one—while navigating through an obstacle course. Do you know what else is a good obstacle course? A house. 

Multiple FIM Trial World Championship winner Toni Bou decided to take advantage of his particular set of skills and to combine his routine and his passion for trials by going about his normal day, around his house, on his bike.

From brushing his teeth to picking an outfit to making coffee, his feet barely touch the ground at all.  He whips his trials bike around like it’s nobody’s business. After a bit of playtime on the patio with an absolutely gorgeous view of the sea, he even bunny hops his way down the stairs to the basement where a dream garage awaits. The grand finale is when he jumps his bike on a platform placed on top of a raised lift. Tadam!

A little bit of training, a little bit of fun, and definitely a good way to spend some time at home. Today, Toni Bou takes the crown for the most creative way to deal with the lockdown. In the meantime, we’ll just be over here emptying shelves like the world has ended. 

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