Motorcycle and automotive components company Steelbird International has recently launched a new lineup of motorcycle engine like and lubricants. Launched via a virtual event, the newly launched range of oils and lubricants consist of various types of motor oils, grease, and fork oil. The company states that all lubricants have been manufactured in compliance to global standards when it comes to engine oils and lubricants.

Steelbird International has stated that its new range of motorcycle-specific lubricants have been designed to withstand India’s rigorous climate and harsh road conditions, thanks to a special blend of additives. When it comes to engine oils, Steelbird International’s new lineup comes with two types of four-stroke specific oil. The first of which is the 4T Engine Oil SAE 20W40 API SL which is priced at Rs 366 for a 900ml bottle and Rs 394 for a one-liter pack. The company has also launched a more premium SAE 15W50 API Semi-Synthetic oil at Rs 1,075 for a 2.5L pack.

During the launch of the new range of lubricants, Manav Kapur, Steelbird International’s Executive Director expressed his excitement towards the potential that the Indian automotive industry holds for the company. With this new product line serving as the company’s first foray into the lubricants industry, Steelbird International is one step closer to becoming a one-stop-shop for a vast majority of automotive and motorcycle needs.

Steelbird International is an automotive and motorcycle components manufacturing company based in India. Apart from the newly launched engine oils and lubricants, Steelbird International also manufactures various rubber and plastic components, as well as automotive and motorcycle specific filters. More recently, the company has ventured into motorcycle safety gear, by launching its own range of helmets under the Blauer POD branding.

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