More and more Indian motorcyclists are making the shift to electric, as electric motorcycles and scooters have been rolling off showroom floors left and right. If you take into account the fact that the country is still undergoing one form of lockdown or another, this trend is nothing short of impressive.

Joy E-Bike Skyline

With the demand for personal mobility growing by the day, as well as the Indian government heavily incentivizing the use of electric vehicles, it’s not surprising that the number of EVs continues to rise. Having said that, a relatively new player in the electric motorcycle game, Joy E-Bikes, has seen some massive growth for the month of June. A subsidiary of WardWizard Innovations and Mobility, Joy E-Bikes sold more than 700 electric motorcycles in June 2021–more than three times as many as the 223 units sold in the same period last year.

Joy E-Bikes has a total of four electric motorcycles in its arsenal—the Skyline, Hurricane, Beast, and Thunderbolt. All of which are powered by a 5,000 watt DC brushless electric hub motor, and draw power from a 54Ah lithium-ion battery. They command a premium price with the Skyline, the most affordable of the lot, retailing for Rs 229,000, or $3,041 USD. The Hurricane and Thunderbolt sell for Rs 233,009, or $3,094 USD, and the most premium, the Beast, retails for Rs 242,000, or $3,213 USD.

Joy E-Bike Beast
Joy E-Bike Thunderbolt

The sudden boost in sales across majority of India’s electric two-wheeler manufacturers is largely attributable to the newly implemented FAME II policy, or the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles. Under the new policy, the government will extend a sizable subsidy for all electric vehicles which meet a certain criteria. This has resulted in nearly all EV manufacturers in India reducing their prices across their entire model ranges.

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