For most motorcycle enthusiasts, the isn’t just a piece of safety gear meant to keep your noggin safe in the event of a crash or tip over, it also serves as a fashion statement, the crown jewel, if you will, of your entire riding getup. In fact, many motorcycle enthusiasts have a whole collection of helmets which they use depending on their mood, the type of bike they’re on, or the type of riding they plan on doing.

Along with the increase in popularity of retro-styled café racers and scooters came the influx of new and hip helmets which boasted similar vintage styling. Major lid makers such as Arai, Bell, and AGV have seen success with their vintage range of products. In India, local helmet manufacturer Steelbird Hi-Tech has launched a new range of vintage-style helmets in a variety of color options to cater to the fashionable, style-conscious rider. Dubbed the Blauer POD, this new open-face lid boasts retro-styling, perfect for café racer and Vespa riders.

Steelbird Blauer POD Helmet

To keep things light and comfy, Steelbird has engineered the Blauer POD’s shell out of a high-impact, lightweight fiberglass shell. According to Steelbird Hi-Tech India, the Blauer POD’s shell makes use of a balloon molding process, which results in a stronger, lighter, and more impact resistant construction. To further add to the customers’ piece of mind, the Steelbird Blauer POD carries two certifications—ECE 22.05 and IS:4151.

As far as sizing is concerned, Steelbird is offering the Blauer POD in extra-small to large sizes, so it’s pretty safe to say they’ve got riders of all shapes and sizes covered. The Blauer POD gets dual visors—a tinted one on the inside and a clear one on the outside. For the sake of convenience, Steelbird has made use of a quick-release buckle system. Available in four color options—two plain, and two graphic finishes—the Blauer POD will definitely appeal to a vast array of tastes and preferences.

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