Indian electric motorcycle startup Ola Electric has some massive plans for the future when it comes to revolutionizing electric two-wheelers not just in India, but the rest of the world. Ola Electric Founder and Group CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has brought some audacious plans for the company, as well as the EV sector as a whole, to the table. The company acquired the assets to Dutch startup Etergo, and its AppScooter prototype last year.

Leading up to the highly anticipated scooter’s launch, Aggarwal took to Twitter and posted a video of himself testing the scooter around Bangalore City. This hints that the scooter is production-ready, and will likely launch a lot sooner than expected. In fact, multiple Indian motoring publications are speculating that the Ola scooter will make its debut in the second half of July. The Ola Electric scooter, which has yet to be given an official model name, will be assembled in Ola’s mega factory called the FutureFactory, which it claims will hold the title of largest two-wheeler manufacturing facility in the world.


The Ola FutureFactory will be situated in the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, and will provide quite the stimulus in India’s economy by providing around 10,000 jobs in the region. As mentioned, Ola has some lofty plans for this facility, with their plans of making it the largest scooter manufacturing facility in the world, with an annual capacity of two million motorcycles. To make things even better, the facility is expected to employ sustainable energy practices, reducing its overall carbon footprint to account for the ramped up production capacity.

In a statement released by Ola Electric, the company highlighted the key innovations the general public can expect from the upcoming scooter, “The Ola scooter is a leap-frog product, packed with several industry leading innovations including the motor, the battery, the vehicle computer, and several other advanced features through innovative software – all designed by Ola.” Apart from the innovative technology incorporated into the Ola scooter, the company also has plans of developing the Ola HyperCharger network which will consist of more than 100,000 fast-charging stations scattered across 400 cities in the country.

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