A certain Indian electric mobility startup has made some massive investments, and now stands the chance of becoming a major force to be reckoned with, not just in the electric motorcycle scene, but in the EV industry as a whole. Ola electric, after a substantial investment of more than $323 million USD, is expected to set up its first electric scooter factory in Tamil Nadu. 

However, the company's expansion doesn't stop there. Even prior to launching its first model, Ola Electric has some rather ambitious plans for the development of fast-charging infrastructure in India. Dubbed the Ola Hypercharger Network, the company seeks to set up 100,000 fast charging stations across 400 cities in India, with the whole project expected to cover a timeline of five to ten years. Now, if this isn't ambitious enough, Ola Electric CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal stated that the company is planning on launching its electric scooters in the global market, shortly after launching in the Indian market. 

Ola Electric Plans To Set Up 100,000 Fast Charging Stations In India

Ola Electric is expected to launch its initial fleet of electric two-wheelers this coming July. The new scooter is based on the Etergo AppScooter platform, which Ola Electric purchased late last year. Apart from a successful reception in India, Ola Electric is hoping that their upcoming two-wheeler will also make a successful entrance into Europe, particularly the French, Italian, and German markets. Aggarwal also states that the company is eyeing the UK and Spain as well. 

We're certainly excited to see what Ola Electric will have to offer in the coming months in the EV sphere. With their massive investment towards a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, the company has even stated that it will be venturing into electric four-wheelers as well. So, apart from a fleet of electric scooters and motorcycles, Ola Electric may soon be offering lightweight electric cars, as well.

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