Do you love your Kawasaki Z900RS? Maybe you do, but you’re looking for a little change in the sound, the look, or both. If this describes you, then you may want to know about the new HP Corse slip-on exhaust option available for the Z900RS. Let’s take a look. 

Before we start, you should know that it’s currently only offered as a racing version, and has not been homologated for street use. HP Corse makes a lot of exhausts, so could they release a homologated option for your Z900RS in the future? It’s not impossible, but this isn’t it.  

That said, the HP Corse GP07 unit is a short, sweet little can made of inox steel with a satin finish. The company says that it’s TIG welded by hand, not machine—meant to emphasize the fine Bolognese craftsmanship of each and every piece. The decibel killer is removable, and it features a link-pipe slip-on connection for your bike’s original collectors. Additionally, the HP Corse logo is laser-etched into the canister, so there’s no mistaking it as being made by anyone else.

Gallery: HP Corse Kawasaki Z900RS

It’s extremely short and visually small, with a hand-brushed stainless-steel endcap. The resulting appearance is a bit like a punctuation mark, letting those who see it know that your Z900RS is a complete statement all on its own. For those who are curious, HP Corse does not list any weight or power figures associated with this exhaust as of June 29, 2021. 

The cost for this unit is 475.80 Euros, including tax, which works out to about $566. If you find yourself wishing that the Italian exhaust specialist offered it in a matte black or black chrome finish, the stainless version is currently the only visual option available for sale at this time. It works nicely with the rest of the exhaust system, though. 

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