This build exudes subtle sophistication.

As it would turn out, Indonesians love their custom bikes. A quick trip to Jakarta, or any city in the bustling Southeast Asian country will show you that these folks are all about character—be it cars, motorcycles, and everything in between. With a massive penchant for art, some of the most eye-catching custom builds can be found in Indonesia. 

One such example of stellar craftsmanship comes from the folks at Katros Garage. With a plethora of impressive builds in their repertoire, the custom bike builder's latest creation comes in the form of a subtle, yet elegant Kawasaki Z900RS. Commissioned by famous YouTuber, MotoMobi, this bike was meticulously crafted to stand out from the crowd. Out of the box, the Z900RS is a capable street bike, apart from being a stunning retro-modern bike. Equipped with a 948cc inline-four engine, the Z900RS pumps out an exhilarating 110 horsepower and 73 ft-lbs of torque. With a bike this capable, it's understandable why MotoMobi wanted his to stand out.

Katros Custom Kawasaki Z900RS
Katros Custom Kawasaki Z900RS
Katros Custom Kawasaki Z900RS

With this in mind, Katros Garage set out on a mission to give this Z900RS a character of its own. Employing minimalist styling, the stock bodywork of the Z900RS was replaced with bolt-on, one-off units. A custom headlight cowling was crafted to give the bike a more aggressive cafe racer aesthetic, while a pair of vented side covers gives the bike a slightly wider stance, and perhaps a functional benefit of added cooling to boot. A custom, handcrafted belly pan was also installed to give the bike a low-slung, aggressive appearance. 

Out back, a custom tail section has been crafted. Complete with a bespoke integrated LED tail light, the bike retains its two-up riding ability with a custom leather-upholstered saddle. Perhaps one of the most eye-catching elements of this build is the custom quadruple exhaust which features two exits per side. Handcrafted meticulously, the custom exhaust system gives the bike a stunning custom look, and an equally impressive exhaust note. 

It's interesting to note that all the custom parts fitted on the bike were bolt-ons. Meaning should MotoMobi decide to bring the bike back to stock form for whatever reason, it would just be a matter of reinstalling the stock parts. 

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